We conduct one-to-one meditation coaching in the privacy of your own home or office.

Every person is unique and has individual way of learning so we always adjust our meditation sessions to your abilities and needs.

The most important benefit of coaching in your home is that you learn to meditate in the place where you will continue to practice. You don't need to adapt your new skills to a different environment which could be a challenge to some new meditators.

Reading a book or listening to a tape about meditation cannot replace the personal attention and assistance of the meditation coach. Nor even the best book can anticipate or answer all the questions that each person might have while learning.

Our meditation coach will help you with how and what of meditation. You'll learn easy to practice meditation techniques and we will help you to optimise all your efforts so you can reach your own excellence faster.

There is nothing more helpful to progress in meditation than the presence of an experienced meditator by your side. Our meditation coach, Yanush, has twenty years experience in meditation and training.

Meditation techniques we teach are universal and are drawn from the best in leading traditions. They are not connected to any single school. Both beginners and experienced meditators can benefit.

Consultation Times

  • Day consultations
  • Evening consultation
  • Weekend consultation

In most cases consultations last one hour but we can extend it you prefer a longer session.

Initial Meditation Session

There are many different ways to meditate so it is important to find the meditation technique that works best for you.

  1. First we would design a meditation program that best works you. The program will be designed around your needs.
  2. Then we would optimise all the elements of meditation technique according to your preferences and abilities so you benefit the most. As you meditate we'll give you immediate feedback on how to improve your results. Some people need little instruction, others need more.
  3. You'll have a chance to ask any questions that may arise from your growing experience of meditation.

After an initial session you may decide how many more sessions you need and how often. Also the frequency and number of sessions can be adjusted at any time to suit your needs.

To get you started you may need four sessions once a week or a few days apart if you prefer.

Experienced Meditators

We also provide advice and coaching to people who already meditate but experience a 'dry' period or feel they are 'stuck' in their meditation practice.


We offer three very effective programs. You may choose to elect all three programs or any combination of them:

  • Meditation Techniques
  • Three stage Relaxation Exercises
    • Easy and simple stretches
    • Progressive muscle relaxation
    • Deep muscle relaxation
  • Breathing Exercises
    • Deep breathing
    • Rhythmic breathing
    • Special breathing

It is very beneficial to practice a short relaxation or/and breathing exercise before meditation.

Elements of Meditation


  • Physical
    • body position
    • sitting posture
    • direction of eyes
    • position of hands and fingers
    • direction you face
    • rate of breathing
    • depth of breathing
    • place - where you meditate
    • time - when you meditate
    • duration
    • frequency

  • Mental
    • the way you deal with the internal distractions during meditation
    • the way you handle the external distractions during meditation
    • how you pay attention
    • what you pay attention to




* * *

The great French Marshall Layautey once asked his gardener to plant a tree. The gardener objected that the tree was slow growing and would not reach maturity for 100 years. The Marshall replied, ‘In that case, there is no time to lose; plant it this afternoon.'

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